Jarratts Buildings - The People

Jarratts Families

1939 Register

Although some individuals have been redacted from the publicly available register, it does show what had happened at Jarratts since 1921. Descendents of the Whiteley and Winder families who were on site in 1861 still lived there, apparently an unbroken chain of residence. The Ibbersons, who had drifted away from Jarratts towards the end of the nineteenth century were now represented again.

Descendents of families who had arrived in the 1870s and 1880s included Fallis, Finan, Glover, Hammond, Howson and Prescott.

Also there were new names. A few can be recognised as Worsborough names but most appear to be new to the area. The tendency for Jarratts girls to bring their husband to the site still appears to be occurring, suggesting strong family links were in place.

One noticeable point was the age distribution on the site. Although the average age of all adults was 40 years, the vast majority of occupants were either much younger or much older. Jarratts seems to have been the long-term home to a group of older people and a starter home for young married couples, who would aim to move to something better as soon as their finances permitted.

By now the term Jarratts had expanded to encompass other houses in the immediate vicinity and no longer referred solely to the 54 houses built in the 1850s.