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Jarratts Families

1881 Census

In the 1870s there was an influx of new blood onto the site as several houses were taken over by a new tenant. In some cases this was a child of the previous tenant. Some of the residents in 1871 were still on the site in 1881 but in different houses. There is no obvious reason why the moves took place, but the family concerned must have considered the second house more suitable than the initial one.

Jarratts Plan Showing House Numbers
Plan of Jarratts showing estimated position of house numbers

Members of the Whiteley family occupied only five houses. At No 26 was William Cauldwell and his wife Eliza who had moved from No 22. They were lodging with Hariet Armstrong, Eliza's widowed sister. Next door at No 27 was her cousin Elizabeth who was married to James Davis. The Davis’s had no children of their own, but provided a home for her nephews George Hitchin and Joseph Milward.

No 22 was now occupied by Elizabeth’s sister, Mary Ann Hitchin, who was co-habiting with Thomas Prescott, a miner from Wigan.

Elizabeth’s brother James Whiteley had moved to No 36, with his wife Maria, four young children and Maria’s mother Rebecca Hodgson.

Jacob Pickering and his wife Ann, probably an aunt of Eliza Cauldwell remained at No 50.

The Winder family was also less prominent on the site, with links to just four houses. William Winder and his wife Mary had moved from No 54 at the bottom of the site to No 48 which was at the top. It also appears to be a smaller house. As there were still seven children living with the family, four of whom were adults or older teenagers, it raises a question about whether the Winders had faced any financial or health issues in the intervening decade.

At this point, William’s sister, Susan Christopher, her son and his family had moved off the Jarratts site into a house which was adjacent to it. William and Susan’s niece, Augusta (nee Lomas) who had been at Jarratts in 1861 had now returned there with her husband, Thomas Brannan. The couple lived at No 21 with a young son and daughter. Ann Pashley, whose first marriage was to John Winder, remained at No 52.

The Ibbotson family only rented one house, No 14, where widowed Eliza Ibbotson kept house for an unmarried son, Henry, and for William Ibbotson, his wife Alice and five young children. William appears to be Eliza’s nephew and to have been adopted in childhood by his uncle and aunt.

The Beevers family still had three houses. Thomas and Sarah Beevers, now an ageing couple remained at No 53 with their married daughter Alice and her husband William Hadfield. William had grown up at Jarratts but by 1881 his family were no longer on the site. Thomas and Sarah's son, John, and his wife Kate (nee Dickenson) lived at No 44 with her young sister. Samuel and Sarah Ann Beevers had moved from No 26 to No 37.

The Mann family now had two homes on the site. Widowed Martha Mann had moved from No 48 to No 2 with two unmarried sons and a lodger, Her married son John, his wife Sarah (nee McCarthy) and three young daughters now lived at No 5.

New family networks were also developing.

Robert Glover and his wife Mary Ann had moved from No 42 to No 15, which they shared with their daughter and son-in-law, Caroline and Tom Bowring, their son and daughter-in-law Francis and Martha (nee Kilner), son Henry and daughter Lucy. At No 43 lived Robert and Ann’s daughter Betsy Bell, her husband Jonas and half a dozen children.

  • Robert Glover 1823-1907 18?? to 1902 Mary Ann

    • Caroline Glover 1849-1923 1881 to 1917 Tom Bowring 1850-1917
    • Francis Glover 1857-1891 1881 to 1891 Martha Kilner 1865-1934
      • Aaron Glover 1881-1963
Glover Family Tree

A couple of brothers had arrived from Preston Capes in Northamptonshire and married local girls. Anthony Gibbons lived at No 9 with his wife Mary (nee Shelton). William lived at No 9 with his wife Jemima (nee Jenkinson). She appears to be the daughter of Mary Baxter (nee Jenkinson) who lived at No 4 with her husband Joseph.

At No 23 was a family consisting of widower George Shephard, four unmarried children and his daughter Mary Ann who was married to George Hobson. Mary Ann had been left a widow after the Swaithe Main colliery disaster of 1875 and she had children from both her marriages.

George may be related to the occupants of No 28 which housed William Saxton, wife Clara (nee Hayes) and her mother Eliza Hayes. Eliza is indicated as the sister of John Shephard who lodged with the family.

George Swift lived at No 24 with his second wife Ellen (previously McDonald). Another George Swift and his wife Rebecca lived at No 30. At No 25 was widower John Taylor and his young family. John was the son of the George Swift at No 24. He was born before his parents wed and known by his mother’s maiden name. Lodging with John was Squire Howson and his wife Ellen. Squire’s aunt and uncle, who appear to have brought up him and his siblings, lived at No 40.

Thomas Brown was at No 32 with his widowed daughter, her two young sons and three sons of his own ranging in age from 22 to ten. At No 46 was Tom Brown, his wife Eliza and young family. Tom appears to be Thomas’s son.

There were two families named Lindley on the site, one of which had been there in 1871. I have not been able to establish whether or not they were related.

Long-term Jarratts families, the Kellys, the McDonalds, and the Wards had arrived by 1881.

There were no empty houses on census night. Some recently arrived families appear to have been passing through and had no ongoing connection with Jarratts. Conversely, there were now several families whose links with the site went back twenty years.