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Jarratts Families

1901 Census

By this point there was a considerable degree of inter-relationship on site as a result of marriages and plenty of residents would have had a cousin there. The extent to which any individual would have acknowledged any of the relationships is not known.

The Winder surname no longer featured, but plenty of residents carried the genes of Benjamin Winder. The Harpers, Booths and Brannans had married women from this family.

Jarratts Plan Showing House Numbers
Plan of Jarratts showing estimated position of house numbers

The Whiteley’s remained prolific although the surname was not borne by any tenant. Elizabeth and Mary Ann, two daughters of George and Ellen Whiteley remained, along with three adult grand children of the couple. Elizabeth was at No 27, and Mary Ann still cohabited with George Prescott at No 22. Later in 1901, seven weeks before George died, the pair were married after living together over thirty years. Mary Ann died three months later in February 1902.

Still living at No 35, was Maria Taylor, the couple’s former daughter-in-law who had made a second marriage. Three children from her first marriage to James Whiteley still lived in this house.

The two daughters of Martha Whiteley also remained on site. Eliza Cauldwell (No 26) and Mary Padgett (No 28) were now widows. Both sisters had had large families and some of their married children had their own homes at Jarratts. John lived at No 32 with his wife and four children. Two doors along, at No 34, was his widowed sister, Martha Ormston and her three sons. Mary Padgett had six grand children there. Her twice-married daughter Martha Hammond, previously Glover, lived at No 3 with five of the brood, whilst son Aaron was at No 47 with a baby son. Arron’s wife, Sarah Ann was the daughter of Joseph Baxter, whose links to Jarratts went back to 1861. Sarah’s brother, Henry lived at No 44.

A third group had also formed. This comprised members of the Finan family who had married Stanleys and Bennetts, other families who lived at Jarratts. The houses they occupied were Nos 1, 7,8,17,19 and 21.

  • John Finan 1841-1900 ???? to 1881 Mary Ann Bailey ????-1881
    • James Finan 1873-1950 1892 to ???? Sarah Ann Langley 1875-????
      • Hannah Finan 1896-????
      • John Finan 1898-????
    • George Finan 1871-1922 1898 to ???? Martha Ann Bennett 1871-1937
      • Mary Ann Finan 1898-????
Finan Family Tree

There were no un-tenanted houses on census night and three Irish families. Seven families appear to be ones who regularly moved on, and there were five families who had been on the site for at least a decade without inter-marrying with other occupants. The overall impression of Jarratts in 1901 was of an established community with plenty of elderly residents, where extended family groups lived in proximity.