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Historical Research
British Newspapers

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Historical Research Using British Newspapers

Thanks to digitisation, old newspapers have become an indispensable resource for anyone who is interested in the past, delivering new insights into the society, events and values of bygone times. Yet the quantity of information that is already available brings challenges. Locating the most relevant and accurate material in a timely manner, interpreting it and placing it in its wider context are skills that every researcher, whatever their interest, needs to hone.

I used newspapers extensively when researching my first two books, Pit Lasses and Breach of Promise to Marry. Drawn from that practical experience Historical Research Using British Newspapers traces the development of the newspaper industry in Britain, showing the forces that shaped this valuable resource and highlighting where the best material is likely to be found. There is plenty of practical advice and suggested approaches that will help history students, professional researchers and amateur historians pursue their individual projects. The book contains 18 illustrations and 43 examples integrated within the text.


  1. A Brief History of Newspapers in Britain
  2. The News Chain
  3. Content of a Newspaper
  4. Factors affecting Newspaper Research
  5. Issues that Affect all Types of Source
  6. Preparing to Research
  7. Which Newspapers to Start With?
  8. Finding Material in On-line Newspapers
  9. Historical Studies using Old Newspapers
  10. Some Data Handling Techniques
  11. Data Handling Using a Spreadsheet
  12. Using Spreadsheets in a Historical Study
  13. Illustrations in Newspapers
  14. Using Newspapers with other Sources

The book includes a worked investigation and nine case studies