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Historical Research
British Newspapers

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ISBN: 978-1473859005

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Reviews of Historical Research Using British Newspapers

Overall this is a useful volume, modestly priced, that offers a considerable amount of helpful advice to those wishing to use newspapers for historical research.

Emerald Insight Vol 31 Issue 2 RR2017/058

Whether you're a seasoned researcher or dipping your toe into old newspapers for the first time, there is lots of valuable information here to help you on your research journey.

The case studies...aptly illustrate how newspapers can validate other sources or challenge long-held truths.

Who Do You Think You Are? Summer 2016

A good overview, with lots of helpful hints and examples. Valuable for the experienced researcher who needs help in locating digital sources.

Wilbur Sachs, Amazon.com review, 31st July 2016

Historical Research Using British Newspapers includes many tips on how to organize and save your research, which will prove helpful to new and experienced researchers alike. There’s a useful section on statistics and data handling techniques, too. A particular strength of this book is the number of case studies and worked examples from true-life stories.

An excellent reference work for local and family historians.

Sue Wilkes, Review on Goodreads, 24th May 2016

This excellent guide to the increasingly available source of contemporary newspapers is essential for all types of historical research, from family history to academic study.

Angela Buckley, Amazon.co.uk review, 22nd May 2016

This is an excellent little volume that will aid both experienced and inexperienced researchers.

Atticusfinch1048, Amazon.co.uk review, 2nd May 2016