What's New

Forthcoming events and updates to my research, writing, books and reviews.

November 2021

The FHF Really Useful Family History Show, an online exhibition with talks is on 12th - 13th November. My talk about Breach of Promise to Marry is available until 27th November 2021. A ticket, purchased on the Family History Federation website, is required to see all the exhibition and talks.

June 2021

A talk on 3rd June via Zoom about Unusual Forenames to Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Family History Society.

A talk on 26th June via Zoom about Pit Lasses: The Female Miners of 1842 to Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society

May 2021

To make it easier to find a particular female miner who was a witness to the Royal Commission of 1841, a search facility has been added to the Pit Lasses Research page.

A talk on 4th May via Zoom about Female Miners of 1842 to the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society.

A talk on 17th May via Zoom about Breach of Promise to Marry to Edenfield Local History Society.